Японские компании на HSE Career Fair 5 апреля - отправьте резюме уже сейчас!

В этом году у студентов есть возможность познакомиться с компаниями из Японии - Rakuten и Job Port Japan, сразу прислать резюме на IT-позиции и пройти собеседование в День карьеры. Знание японского совершенно не обязательно, полная релокация и адаптация за счёт компании. Подробная информация ниже на английском.

Японские компании на HSE Career Fair 5 апреля - отправьте резюме уже сейчас!

At Rakuten, we hire top talented engineer students graduating from all Engineering and computer science majors. We have reached our position in large measure to the hiring of extremely capable engineers as well as others technical people. Furthermore, we understand that such students thrive in fast-changing environments, such as the international one that Rakuten is a part of! 

Rakuten, is a leading Global Innovation Company based in Japan founded in 1997 with the mission “Contribute to society by creating value through innovation and entrepreneurship.” Having established “Rakuten Ichiba” as our core online shopping business, we had a rapid growth in last 20 years in the multiple domains such as E-commerce, Fintech, Travel services, Digital Contents, Ad&Media, as well as Sports business, and now we operate more than 70 various services across the globe. 
If you are interested in joining a fast-changing dynamic company, Rakuten will be the perfect choice. Let’s do it with us. Please submit your resume online in advance to adress below. 

Positions don't require any Japanese language skill. We support you to find a right fit position for your career, and fully support your relocation as well as new life in Japan. 
Potential jobs: Software Developers, DevOps/SRE, QA Engineers, Mobile app developers, Data Scientists, Research Engineers, etc. 
Apply & Contact: Takeshi Hoshina (apply@geoad.co.jp)

Подробности об иностранных компаниях и регистрация на День карьеры: https://www.hse.ru/careerfair/2018_spring/partners