Стажировка в Дубае - Dubai Business Associates

Dubai Business Associates – fully funded management training programme for recent graduates (up to 3-4 years’ experience). Applications closes on June 30, 2018.

Стажировка в Дубае - Dubai Business Associates

Run under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Dubai Business Associates (DBA, formerly Dubai Business Internships) offers outstanding graduates from all nationalities a fully-funded management training programme which is an unrivalled opportunity to study and do business in Dubai, a dynamic and multicultural hub for global commerce, and to develop as cultural ambassadors and business leaders of the future.

About the programme

The 5th edition of the nine-month programme will run between September 16th, 2018 and June 17th, 2019. Participants will receive academic and management training from our learning partners, PwC, Capadev and Bon Education while building their business, analysis and consulting skill-sets through a placement and consulting assignment with one of Dubai’s home-grown global leaders in a sector central to its economy, including but not limited to trade, technology, tourism, finance and logistics. The partners for the internships are listed on http://dubaibusinessinternships.org/en/partners

The programme starts in September 2018, and candidates should be ready to travel by that time, with no outstanding academic commitments or military service obligations. 

The program offers: 

· An invaluable experience which will provide participants with an understanding of how to operate within an international business environment. (.) 

· Flights at commencement and close of programme 

· A two-week break at the midpoint 

· Housing throughout the programme 

· Monthly living allowance 

· Health Insurance in Dubai throughout the programme 

· Assistance with logistics, transportation and support for any programme related events they are invited to attend 

More detailed information at http://dubaibusinessassociates.ae/en/programme


Who Can Apply

 The programme is open to all academic background and industries. There will be 5-6 participants from Russia and Kazakhstan. 

 We are looking for:

-       Recent university graduates or with up to three years' working experience 

-       Proficiency in both verbal and written English, and ideally one additional language

-       A keen interest in international and Dubai business combined with a curious and inquiring mind

-       Proof of core business acumen (a large extent of business experience is not required)


 How to Apply?

 Please apply at http://dubaibusinessassociates.ae. Applications closes on June 30, 2018, earlier encouraged as offers are given on a rolling basis. 

About Falcon and Associates

Falcon is a strategic advisory company working on behalf of the Dubai leadership. We build on the emirate’s many successes to date by identifying and implementing new opportunities to help Dubai fulfil its long-term potential. Dubai Business Associates is one of the flagship projects of Falcon.